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China Luxury Ecommerce Study

China luxury ecommerce – Overview of the world’s largest e-commerce landscape!

The Digital Luxury Group has released an exclusive white paper on Luxury e-commerce industry, offering luxury brands an overview of the platforms available on the market and what to expect. Key takeaways from this study: China accounts for the half of total global ecommerce spend Global retail market stands at $28 trillion, roughly one tenth of which ($2.304 trillion) is...

Facebook and KPMG's latest Zero Friction Future Report on Auto Industry

Smartphones will decide auto sales in India by 2022: Facebook-KPMG

Facebook & KPMG partnership under the ‘Zero Friction Future’ programme has released their second report titled “Eliminating friction in automobile path to purchase“. This report aims to understand the reasons that lead to dropouts in the path to purchase of an automobile, referred to as ‘friction’, which may lead to potential loss of revenue for brands. The study focusses on B2C...

what is brand love?

Brand love in the times of social media

“I love that brand!” It’s the holy grail of marketers, but what actually is ‘brand love’? Lets first look at what is ‘love’ Love is a profoundly powerful psychological system which produces attraction, commitment, a willingness to make sacrifices, a reluctance to believe negative information, and often a desire to talk positively about the person or thing we love. and ‘brand love’ is...